It’s time to level up your business.

At Blue Hectare, we’ll help you grow a business idea from a small seed into a big vision.

Accounting is changing.

Let’s be honest, money matters – everyone knows that.

But to us, technology is just as key as it’s playing a pivotal role in modern accounting. Using technology to break down the barriers of classic accounting, we believe in giving everyone a chance at building a strong business through cloud software, process automation, and data analytics. Our accountants in Bedford are experts in leveraging these technologies to provide top-notch financial services.

Digital accounts specialists

We’re proud advocates for the power of online accounting.


Dynamic and Innovative

Dynamic and innovative firm of accountants, driven by the desire to help our clients reach their full potential. 

Bringing people together

Historically money has created great divides – we want to change that.

Let’s build something.

We know what it’s like. You get a great idea that you’re delighted to share with your business partners, your community, and even your family. But you feel stuck when it comes to making it profitable or getting it where you know it could go. We’re here to make you believe you can. All the while supporting you with a strong and flexible service offering.

Game-changing advice

Advice is best when it’s delivered with care to make your business an all-around good place to be.

Our advisory service

Your bookkeeping: done

Get your annual bookkeeping done and dusted, so you can focus on bringing change to the community.

Our bookkeeping service

Make your money work

Outsource your payroll and never look back. Focus on your business, and your team will be adequately paid.

Our payroll service

Let technology lead the way.

Believing in the future means using new technology wherever you can. We have embraced what tech means to accounting. Automation and streamlining our processes has given us more time to talk to you, and less time manually doing things.


Always connected


Embrace the power of Xero


Quickly scan receipts


Incomings and outgoings all sorted


Quick links to our team


Explore business opportunities


Plan for the future


Upgrade your infrastructure

A shining light in the community.

Sometimes a question comes to you in the middle of the night – or at a family dinner when you’ve just been passed the gravy.

We know how things are – that’s why we use WhatsApp to give you responses when you need them most.


Fast responses


Always learning


Building your accounts


Knowing our audience

Breaking new ground.

Let’s talk. About life. About your business. About how we can help.