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Running a limited company, even if it’s just you, is challenging. As a company director, you must file company records and report changes, file your accounts and company tax returns, and check the information Companies House has about your company is correct every year. This is all on top of your ‘regular’ responsibilities with your staff, your clients and the business itself. It’s okay to feel like it’s a bit much. But we’re here to help and we’re proud of it.

With Blue Hectare, you can get back to the parts of the company that really require your attention, safe in the knowledge the complicated compliance work is being taken care of. We have an eye for detail and value the responsibility clients place in us, so you’re efficient and transparent.

But we’re not just your standard run-of-the-mill accountants who busy themselves with the fine details and nothing else. We’re business advisers who strive to use our knowledge about your company to better it, whether that’s by saving money on your tax bill, accessing lucrative corporate finance or building a business plan that will take your organisation into the future.

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