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If you’re part of the 56% of UK businesses that operate as a sole trader, you’ll no doubt be aware of the challenges it brings. Remaining on top of your tax, employment and payroll duties can be tough. Remaining so while having to worry about your business’s health, cashflow and plans can be seriously stressful. And your business is your income. You can’t afford to see it go down the drain. We don’t want to see that happen, either.

That’s where an experienced team of qualified accountants and business advisers come in. We’ll provide you the ongoing support you need to run your business more efficiently and the insight you require to make smarter decisions. We’ll do that by providing cashflow forecasts so you’re prepared for tough times. We’ll formulate a business plan that allows you to grow sustainably. We’ll even talk to you about whether you should incorporate your business and run it as a limited company.

Don’t underestimate the assistance an accountant can provide with the ‘simpler’ tasks, too, such as your self-assessment tax return, which has to be submitted to HMRC every year by 31 January. If you miss the deadline or make a simple mistake, you could end up getting a hefty fine. We hate seeing that happen to sole traders given how avoidable it is.

We’ll help you get your tax return done so you’ll never have to worry about missing a deadline again. We’ll also make sure to claim every allowable expense and tax relief available to you so you pay the tax you owe and not a penny more.

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