Kudzi Chinya.

Kudzi Chinya


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Loves: Tech, I don’t consider myself a geek but
Dislike: Lack of effort, I believe all you do you should do it to the best of your ability.
Favourite Apps: Outlook & Office Apps – I can run the business on the go, easy to use. Angry
Birds – the only game I have on my phone
Favourite Movie: The Accountant – Accounting plus action you can’t go wrong. The Bourne
Trilogy – I think I have watched all the 3 movies more than 10 times.
Favourite business book (s): The E Myth – Everyone starting a business should read this book. 7
Habits of highly Effective People – seek first to understand.

I love and enjoy meeting new challenges and seeing them through to completion, this is the pleasure I
get from helping clients seeing them navigate business challenges and helping them success. Ever since I
started the Blue Hectare, the vision has always been creating a digital accounting firm that leverages on
technology to release full growth potential. My experience in both industry and practice equipped with
skills and knowledge on how to help clients of different seizes. Book and appointment using the link
above and lets a chat.

Breaking new ground.

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