Samuel Chinya.

Samuel Chinya

Practice Manager

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Loves: an enjoyable conversation and sports – especially watching a good game of rugby
Dislikes: Manual repetitive tasks and Spurs
Top of the bucket list: watching an All blacks game at Eden Park, Auckland New Zealand
(yes, I love my rugby) Obsessed with winning
Favourite app: Twitter
Favourite film: The Lord of the Rings (trilogy)
Favourite series to binge: Game of Thrones (must be) and Friends – you need a balance

I’m Samuel, co-founder, and co-owner of Blue Hectare. I have always been passionate about
delivering growth and helping others achieve their goals. Having worked in both the practice and
commercial business sector, I challenge myself to be forward thinking. I always look for ways to save
the client time through process automation, data analytics and cloud software.

Breaking new ground.

Let’s talk. About life. About your business. About how we can help.